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Kathryn Davidson currently lives in Alabama, but her heart will always belong to Texas.  Raised by an English teacher/pianist mother and a silversmith/teacher father, Kathryn’s creative outlets were fostered in every arena she entered.  She was enrolled in creative writing courses during the year and in summertime.  She joined (and quickly left) the Girl Scouts and 4-H.  She was in choir at church (very young). Both she and her sister sang and played music for her church, many of which were her own arrangements.  Kathryn also feels a little weird talking about herself in the third person, so I will stop doing that now.

As a teenager, my creative outlet was mostly music, learning both through private lessons and very public marching bands and concerts, I became quite competitive.  I managed to be in several all-state bands both in high school and college, and rounded out my music learning with jazz band, eclectic smaller ensembles, and music appreciation.  Throughout all this, I constantly flirted with music writing and artistic outlets.

As I got older, my brain realized that I had an affinity for biological sciences, and got a few degrees in those.  I started basic, with a General Biology degree.  During this phase was when I joined every musical group and band I could as a trumpet / low French horn player.  Several jobs at fast food places told me that I needed better creativity in my jobs.  After college I, along with my sister, helped my father start his silversmith business, The Silversmith Gallery.  He dabbled in many things too, and I fostered a love of creating tiny objects with seed beads.

After several years here, I yearned to continue with my science learning, and went to Texas Tech University to earn a bachelor’s degree called “Wildlife Management, specializing in fisheries.”  That’s a fancy way of saying I have a great and undying love of fish, even though there is no surface water where I lived and I hadn’t fished since I was nine.  But I have always been weird like that.

Anyway… I paid for the majority of that college experience by working in the bakery of a United Supermarket.  I started out as a tortilla maker and worked my way up to a flagship Market Street store in Lubbock as a wedding cake decorator and pastry maker.  I found a wonderful creative outlet, and while I studied fish I also poured over French cake decorating books to learn new tips and techniques.  I learned how to make any flower imaginable out of buttercream icing, interesting uses of color, and had no fear in making shaped cakes.  Plus, as a wedding cake decorator I was not limited to making the same cakes over and over again.  But, when I graduated, I decided to further my scientific career.  So I put in my notice and got a graduate student position at Auburn University in Alabama.

I worked on a Freshwater Aquatic Pathology degree while researching the pathology of columnaris disease.  I learned how to rear zebrafish and helped created the brand new (and quite small) zebrafish wet lab.  I taught intro to biology labs to people who knew pretty much nothing about how their own anatomy worked.  I… was creatively bored.  Luckily, I discovered scrapbooking… I don’t even remember how I did.  But a little store called Paper Jazz (now sadly defunct) took me in, and by my first summer there I was working part time, hosting their crop parties.

After Auburn I moved to Birmingham with my sweet (not yet) hubby, and got a job in a neuropathology lab taking care of their mice.  Quite a change from fish, but I loved the little thumb biters.  I didn’t, however, love the job.  After 2.5 years there, I quit, and the hubby convinced me to follow my bliss, no matter how many directions.  So I opened my etsy store, started a blog, and got the music out of my head and into my computer.  And here we are now.

If you are still reading, I am impressed!  Enough listening to the crazy lady with felt and glitter all over her.  There’s a blog to read.  And music to listen to.  Find your bliss!


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