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Creative Blogs I Highly Recommend

Creative, Incentive, Inspiration
This is by absolutely no means the whole list of blogs I love.  I have perused blogs on and off for years, my favorites waxing and waning with my cyclical favorite hobbies.  But these, not only are current, but have the style and content to keep me coming back for recent and archived information.  It should be noted that because they are all hobby blogs, they all have shops.  Some link the stuff in their shops to items they use in blog posts.  Some are outright sponsored by companies and that is all they shill.  Still others have their own business, and the blog is a natural outlet for selling what they do.  All of this is par for the course in hobbies, and never bothers me.  If I can…
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Musical Immersion for Sanity

Creative, Inspiration
Musical immersion is something I do when I want, desperately, to be creative but just don’t have the time or stamina to do it.  Work is a great example.  I listen to headphones whenever possible to keep myself focused on the job, because music does that for me.  But sometimes I just have an itch to make something (crafters out there understand this) and can’t scratch it at that time.  So I listen to particular types of music that allow my creativity to… how do I put this… feed and be satisfied until such time as I can do something about it.  I let my stifled energy feed of the genius of other creative masters until I can make my own masterpiece (or at least a masterpiece to me). My…
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Music Writing: Arrangements My Way

Arrangement, Music Writing, Writing music
Another long loved hobby of mine is writing music.  I grew up in a musical household.  My mother has played piano and organ for churches since before me and my siblings were born.  She taught piano, and started each of us on it when we were about five years old.  I sang in church choirs, played French horn in the school band and at special church services, and even sang solos in our church every so often (as did my sister).  One of the things I grew to love about music was music theory.  Creating something from strange symbols that actually came out of my mind.  Clutter and chaos into rhythm and melody. The first type of music writing I learned to do was arrangement: writing a known song in…
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Stress-Relieving Scrapbook Prep

There is a scrapbook trend that has been building for a few years now that I am an avid member of: distressing.  Tim Holtz has cornered the market in my mind, making everything from my favorite inks (Ranger Distress Inks, I have every one they make), to scrapbook tape (that looks like things such as strips of music, ruler tape, you name it) and blank ephemera that is made to be tarnished, dyed, stained, ripped, scratched… pretty much anything you can do to it.  The result of all this destruction is a page or album or work of art that looks worn, well used…. not showroom new and untouched.  I love it!  Now, buying all these things to do the distressing can be expensive, but I have a few methods…
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Tips for a Hobby Shopping Trip

Scrapbooking, Time Management
I will admit this freely: I am not a shopping enthusiast.  I own about four pairs of shoes, only one of which I wear on a regular basis, I hate clothes shopping, and groceries are as boring as milk toast to me.  But I do love to shop around for one thing: hobby supplies.  My main hobbies are almost in constant flux, with new gadgets put out quite frequently, and everything updating to the digital age.  Whether I am looking for paint supplies, scrapbooking, cooking, or other... it is so much fun to look at the new stuff and imagine all the things I could do with them.  Unfortunately, I have to be realistic.  Most of this stuff likely will not get used, or I won't like it after I…
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Creative Dreaming

Baking, Pastry Making
I get pretty stressed out at work.  A lot of it is in my own mind, but still, I get stressed.  I found, thanks to my Brant, that thinking about being creative actually helps me get through many stressful days.  Here is what I think about.We have talked many times about opening an eatery called “Sci-Fi Café and Bakery.”  I love to plan what I would serve up at that bakery if I could do anything I wanted.  So far, I have imagined making mini-bombes, one for each of the planets in our solar system, with three others for the Sun, the moon, and Pluto (which is no longer a planet, but who cares, right?).  FYI: a true bombe is a French confection consisting of several layers of frozen sherbet…
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Scrapbooking in Pieces

Page layout, Scrapbooking, Time Management
I learned how to scrapbook the summer of 2005, when I discovered a wonderful little scrapbook store in Auburn, AL called "PaperJazz." I was going to Auburn University working on my masters and went there to fulfill my insatiable need for a creative outlet. I hung out there so much that I got a job working there part time. They had 6 hour crops on Friday nights, and I ran them, basically helping the women (as everyone there seemed to be) find the items they need, and keeping things clean. If I had time, I was allowed to work on scrapbook layouts. I learned two things from that awesome time working at PaperJazz. One, I really like playing with color. And two, planning is crucial for doing a good amount…
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Blog Dedication

I would like to take this blog to dedicate it to my biggest supporter. My husband, Brant. I have always known that I am an anxious person, and I have come to live with that. But Brant met me, dated me, found this out (along with my laundry list of other faults) and still decided to ask me to marry him. He gave me a dog for Christmas several years ago who, no matter how much training we give him, still occasionally poops on the floor, and barks at noises as if his life depends on it. And he loves that dumb mutt almost as much as I do. He lets me baby talk to the dogs, and baby talk to him. He lets me spoil his own dog to…
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No Time for Creativity

Baking, Creative, Incentive, Scrapbooking, Writing music
Welcome to my new blog, "No Time for Creativity."  This is my place to put what enspires me, what I like, and what gets me to create when I come home from work too exhausted to do anything but sit.If you are reading this blog, you might recognize this scenario.  I work from 8:30 to 5 at my job, but it takes me about an hour to get there and a little more to come home.  So the majority of my waking hours are spent doing something about work.  I barely see my husband until the sun sets most of the year.  I don't have kids, but I have two dogs who are more underappreciated than they should be.  My weekends are also filled.  Friday evenings we have game night…
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