Quick Recipe – Black Forest Trifle

Baking, One hour
Hey there!  Time again for an easy and awesome dessert recipe.  This one is made even cooler by the mouth-watering name: black forest trifle.  For those of you that aren’t quite sure what a trifle is, it is basically a layered mix of cake, pudding or pastry crème, and usually fruit.  Of course, this is a very loose definition, because the only fruit in this recipe are cherry preserves and a maraschino cherry on top.  In the near future I will teach you how confusing trifles are with its two nearly identical sisters: fools and parfaits. Back to it, though.  We will be cheating a LOT in this recipe, but I promise it is easy and superb.  First, gather the ingredients.  For this hour you will be quite busy (looking). …
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Quick Recipes – Baklava Cups

Baking, Inspiration, One hour, Pastry Making
No, these aren’t actually baklava.  But yes, they are made with (almost) the same ingredients.  The two big differences here is that the pastry sheets have been preformed by a machine somewhere into the cutest little fluted cups, and there is no layering involved.  So it is easy to make a little treat that tastes like baklava without all the hassle of making the million layer delicacy. I really love baklava, and was preparing to make my first batch (ever) from scratch by getting the ingredients from the store when I found these: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="295"] I love it when I find a cheat while trying to be proper...[/caption] So I thought: “Can I make something taste like baklava while making it super quick?” I took them home and,…
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From Bread to Cake – A Simple Story of Evolution

Baking, Evolution, History
I could go on for quite a long (and boring) time about how baking evolved, because I think it is pretty fascinating.  But, this is supposed to be a “simple” story, so I will keep it to the bones as much as possible.  This is a look at how bread – specifically leavened breads – turned into the wonderfully addicting party favorites we know today.  Links to my research (and some of my favorite sites) are listed at the bottom, if you would like to delve further into cake ancestry. Before we dive in, you need to know that it is more difficult than one might think to classify a “cake” from a “bread,” and it depends upon who or where you ask as to which is which. The best…
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Halloween Cupcakes: How to Decorate

Baking, Creative, One hour, Uncategorized
Hey there!  I know that everyone loves the gross food traditionally offered on Halloween.  No?  Okay, maybe it is just me.  But not everyone wants to take the time to ugly up the food they work so hard on, to the point that no one will eat it.  So, how about just making the food cute and theme appropriate?  Yeah, I thought you might like that better.   Today’s blog will be a comparison of two simple decorative themes on cupcakes.  One is a store bought decorating kit, and the other is homemade. To start, we need cupcakes.  My time was much shorter than I had planned, so I went to my friendly neighborhood Publix and bought 24 pre-made cupcakes, 12 chocolate and 12 vanilla.  Next, I picked out what decorations…
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Quick Recipes – Mini Doughnuts

Baking, Creative, One hour, Pastry Making, Time Management
For those that want to know, doughnuts are not pastries.  Technically, given the way they are made, they would be closer to cakes.  That being said, doughnuts are often sold in bakeries that specialize in pastries, because they are crowd pleasers.  And America is well known for taking liberties with food categories.  The truth is, I recently purchased a new baking pan from Bed Bath & Beyond and I wanted to play with it.  It was very quick, so I thought I would share my results with you. First off, I will show you a picture of my helper chef, D’argo, who was a little too eager to be a part of the baking process that he was banned from the kitchen while I worked.  He almost tripped me twice,…
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Quick Recipes –Tarte Tatin

Baking, One hour, Pastry Making
So I am a baking fan.  And yes, I can make my own pastry doughs, crèmes, fondant, crusts, ganaches, and all that rot.  But I know that most of these take more time than I have to spend in an evening.  So, I have decided to find recipes for pastries that can be done in about an hour, like my eye glasses.  First up on the chopping block: Tarte tatins. A tarte tatin is a French pastry.  It is basically an upside down tart, normally with apples, where the “bottom” is caramelized sugar and butter, then sliced fruit, then pastry on top.  It is served with cream, and is best served warm enough to melt the cream on contact.  It is a lovely treat with very few ingredients, so I…
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Creative Dreaming

Baking, Pastry Making
I get pretty stressed out at work.  A lot of it is in my own mind, but still, I get stressed.  I found, thanks to my Brant, that thinking about being creative actually helps me get through many stressful days.  Here is what I think about.We have talked many times about opening an eatery called “Sci-Fi Café and Bakery.”  I love to plan what I would serve up at that bakery if I could do anything I wanted.  So far, I have imagined making mini-bombes, one for each of the planets in our solar system, with three others for the Sun, the moon, and Pluto (which is no longer a planet, but who cares, right?).  FYI: a true bombe is a French confection consisting of several layers of frozen sherbet…
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No Time for Creativity

Baking, Creative, Incentive, Scrapbooking, Writing music
Welcome to my new blog, "No Time for Creativity."  This is my place to put what enspires me, what I like, and what gets me to create when I come home from work too exhausted to do anything but sit.If you are reading this blog, you might recognize this scenario.  I work from 8:30 to 5 at my job, but it takes me about an hour to get there and a little more to come home.  So the majority of my waking hours are spent doing something about work.  I barely see my husband until the sun sets most of the year.  I don't have kids, but I have two dogs who are more underappreciated than they should be.  My weekends are also filled.  Friday evenings we have game night…
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