The Power of Positive Female Role Models

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I have been interested since - well since I was a girl - about role models for children that are women.  Not specifically for women, but that are women.  When I was younger (up even through high school) my personal was not a woman, but Jacques-Yves Cousteau.  In my opinion, he had the coolest job.  But I couldn't think of that many women that I wanted to emulate.  Oh sure, there were lots of ladies that people called role models, but after you strip away the ones that are just famous, how many are really good role models? As I got older, this became more of a burning question for me.  I don't have kids, but lots of my friends and family do, and they are growing up in a world where…
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The True History of Valentine’s day, or Yes, I Love Research

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Ready for Valentine's Day? Want to know the reason for all the love, displayed in overly tacky decor and so much red everywhere it looks like cherubs were sacrificed in all the major stores. But what does it mean to celebrate love on this day? The story goes that Valentine was a Christian priest who performed marriages for young people when it was deemed illegal by the Roman Emperor (usually Claudius, for obvious reasons). When he was found out, he was incarcerated and then grotesquely killed. His last words were written in a letter to one of his followers, signed “from your Valentine.” First off, let's get one thing clear for all of us non-Catholic people; this is the feast day of the Valentines. Feast days of saints often commemorate…
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From Bread to Cake – A Simple Story of Evolution

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I could go on for quite a long (and boring) time about how baking evolved, because I think it is pretty fascinating.  But, this is supposed to be a “simple” story, so I will keep it to the bones as much as possible.  This is a look at how bread – specifically leavened breads – turned into the wonderfully addicting party favorites we know today.  Links to my research (and some of my favorite sites) are listed at the bottom, if you would like to delve further into cake ancestry. Before we dive in, you need to know that it is more difficult than one might think to classify a “cake” from a “bread,” and it depends upon who or where you ask as to which is which. The best…
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