Card Making: A Creative Halloween

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If you remember, I showed you how to make tons of blank cards from a stack of solid cardstock.  You don’t?  Well, you can find it here.  Anyway, I finally came up with a great and simple Halloween card for this year.  Mind you, it took loads of doodling before I came up with something that looked good.  Not horribly ugly (a little is fine), not to scary (a little is fine), and a card I can give to adults or children alike.  And here it is: I know.  This is the most brilliant. Template. Ever! It is a very simple template, and very easy to make with anything you already have.  For Halloween, my favorite items are the super cheapy $1 items from scrapbook stores, dollar stores, and Wal-Mart.  You…
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How to Make Cards – The Blank Card

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I love to make seasonal cards.  And this year, I will be sharing them with you.  Before I do, I would like to show you how I make blank cards.  They are quite easy to make, and will save a lot of repetition and space if I tell you here and now.  I make a size called A1, which is a party invitation style.  I use this size because if you unfold an A1 card, it is exactly half the size of a 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper.  Also, blank envelopes can be purchased in groups of 100 at most stores that sell office stationery.  But, they are also easily made out of paper.  But this blog post will focus on making the cards, not the envelopes.  So…
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Scrapbooking with a Template, Take One

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For those of us who want the time to enjoy scrapbooking as well as making something interesting, there are a plethora of helpers out there.  They are called templates, and they can be found in blogs, magazines, magazine websites, and even your fellow scrapbookers have probably doodled lots of them.  I know I have.  I buy magazines every so often and like to read them, and then cut out everything I like and add it to a box.  They come in handy when I have scrapper’s block, or when I want to make something intricate but don’t have the time or inclination to think of what to do. Today, I made a two-page spread for the honeymoon scrapbook I am working on using a template.  Yes, it was a blank…
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