Nailed It! DIY Horns

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Today’s Nailed It! comes from YouTube. This awesome idea with Cosplay potential is by KlairedeLysdotcom, and if you visit her YouTube channel you will be impressed with the beauty of her makeup tutorials and high quality of her photography.  This video has been on my to-do list for a long time, because if I could unlock how to make realistic horns that wouldn’t cause massive headaches when attached to a headband, my business would really start to take off during convention season.  So, I decided to take this on with my camera in my hand to see if it is as easy as Klaire makes it look. [youtube][/youtube]     First off, I had to gather the materials.  On the video, Klaire mentions that she uses “Play-doh” to make the horn…
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Nailed It! DIY Lace Masks

Creative, Inspiration, Time Management
Welcome to my new blog series, where I will try supposedly simple, pretty, and fun DIY tutorials across the internet.  I will show you -  the reader – the fruits of my efforts, and will let you know if they are as they seem to be. My first installment is a DIY that I have been wanting to do for a while now: Lace masks.         These appear to be lightweight – many are attached with mascara glue or other, skin-friendly adhesives – can be customized in many ways, and come in any color you can get your hands on.  After perusing many websites that list this as a DIY, I found the following website: The author has a template on this page that I am…
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Quick Recipes – Mini Doughnuts

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For those that want to know, doughnuts are not pastries.  Technically, given the way they are made, they would be closer to cakes.  That being said, doughnuts are often sold in bakeries that specialize in pastries, because they are crowd pleasers.  And America is well known for taking liberties with food categories.  The truth is, I recently purchased a new baking pan from Bed Bath & Beyond and I wanted to play with it.  It was very quick, so I thought I would share my results with you. First off, I will show you a picture of my helper chef, D’argo, who was a little too eager to be a part of the baking process that he was banned from the kitchen while I worked.  He almost tripped me twice,…
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Tips for a Hobby Shopping Trip

Scrapbooking, Time Management
I will admit this freely: I am not a shopping enthusiast.  I own about four pairs of shoes, only one of which I wear on a regular basis, I hate clothes shopping, and groceries are as boring as milk toast to me.  But I do love to shop around for one thing: hobby supplies.  My main hobbies are almost in constant flux, with new gadgets put out quite frequently, and everything updating to the digital age.  Whether I am looking for paint supplies, scrapbooking, cooking, or other... it is so much fun to look at the new stuff and imagine all the things I could do with them.  Unfortunately, I have to be realistic.  Most of this stuff likely will not get used, or I won't like it after I…
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Scrapbooking in Pieces

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I learned how to scrapbook the summer of 2005, when I discovered a wonderful little scrapbook store in Auburn, AL called "PaperJazz." I was going to Auburn University working on my masters and went there to fulfill my insatiable need for a creative outlet. I hung out there so much that I got a job working there part time. They had 6 hour crops on Friday nights, and I ran them, basically helping the women (as everyone there seemed to be) find the items they need, and keeping things clean. If I had time, I was allowed to work on scrapbook layouts. I learned two things from that awesome time working at PaperJazz. One, I really like playing with color. And two, planning is crucial for doing a good amount…
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