(Late) New Year’s Resolutions: Crafting with What you Have

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I know it has been quite a long… long time since I have written a blog post.  Well, let’s just say that the title of my blog is no joke.  Jobs change, priorities change, and suddenly it is a new year.  And, as usual, I am already behind.  I finally got around to making my New Year’s resolutions, and there is one in particular I want to post to the public via my blog:

I hereby resolve to: not spend any money on crafting supplies during 2013.

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I just read it out loud.  As someone just 13 cats away from hoarder status, that is saying something.  Ask anyone who I have lived with (good luck, that is a short list) and they will tell you I love to have everything involved with the craft I am infatuated with.  My bead collection when I was heavy into seed beading was impressive, and that doesn’t even mention the tools, magazines, or findings.  But, another of my resolutions was to trim my unnecessary contributions from the family budget, and this is the most logical.  There is only one caveat to this resolution: home improvements don’t count.  Brant and I have a couple of (wall) paintings that are awaiting to be done, as well as a few smaller things that I would love to do on my own (I think DIY should be my initials) but this is more of a necessity than a craft.  At least for resolution purposes (woohoo!).

I have a good feeling about this.  Even though I will always be wanting to hop off to the area hobby stores and score seasonal goodies, I know darn good and well my panorama of crafting stuff is impressive.  I could open a store with the scrapbook supplies I have, and even spent pretty much all the Christmas money I got on new supplies there.  I have more than enough jewelry stuff to make anything I want, and I have pretty much every color of acrylic paint bottles (and supplies) to paint a large curio cabinet full of miniatures.  Oh, and I have more than enough miniatures to fill that cabinet awaiting painting too.

Baking will be the biggest problem.  I can’t very well stop buying food, unless we figure out a way to subsist on donations.  In this case, I will refrain from buying anything that wouldn’t normally be in a typical household’s pantry.  No exotic vanilla (there are so many flavors of vanilla out there), no new colors of gel (I have all the basics and can mix to my heart’s content), and definitely no new hardware.  I have more than enough molds, decorating tips, bags, parchment, pans, sheets, what have you to bake for a year.  And some of these items can get expensive.

Yes, I can do it.  I am sure of it.  But it will be tough to say no to my inner child who likes shiny things.  There is one ray of light, though.  To do this will require a great deal of making new things out of old things.  If there is one thing I love more than getting the latest toy, it is repurposing items.  I love love LOVE to repurpose.  That will be the theme of this resolution: if I don’t have it… make it!

Oh, and my other big resolution: I hereby resolve to post all the backlog of posts that I started but didn’t finish.  I feel lazy for admitting this, but there are about 12 or so blogposts that are backlogged on this site.  Starting with Halloween cake pops and moving forward.  I took the pictures, formatted them, and wrote about haf of the blog posts, but never got around to finising them.  I don’t want all my time and energy to go to waste, so they will be posted.  Even though their themes might be out of date (or really early, if you are an optimist), the craftiness is still fun and interesting.  So I will get all of these out to you, my precious few blog readers.

Wish me luck…

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