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With my New Year’s resolution now in effect, I cannot spend any money on my crafts, and that includes my music.  Thankfully, Brant purchased me a really wonderful Christmas gift of professional music software.  For those that are interested, I got the Sibelius 7 professional music writing software.  Brant is my number one fan when it comes to music writing, and he wants my music to sound as realistic as it can, as do I.  This is the most amazing software that I have ever used.

I have shown you in previous posts how I use the free software, MuseScore.  In fact, you can reread the posts here, here and here.  I still really like this software.  Much of the writing in MuseScore uses the same features as Sibelius, to the point that I could easily transfer my already finished MuseScore scores to Sibelius.  With just a few tweaks, I could hear my music almost as if it were being played by real musicians in a studio.  It was so amazing I got teary eyed when I first listened to a piece of music.

There are so many more features that Sibelius has that I have the accompanying book to learn to use the software.  And it reads like a college course.  Some things I am still having trouble with (especially tempo changes for some reason), so I hesitate to show you how to use it.  However, I did mess around with an idea in my head for a theme of my own, and was too eager to hear a finished product to wait until I finished reading the book.  The result is my first fully Sibelius piece of music, a short drum heavy piece simply entitled “Sidaris.”


Sidaris is the capital city of the heroine’s country, Jamzine.  I know, weird names.  Just go with it.  I adore this little proof of purchase.  The drums and brass trio sound as if they were real.  I would really like to know what you think.

Rest assured.  As I get better at using this software, I will show you what I am doing to help any of you who want to write your own music with Sibelius.  Or those of you that love the “behind the scenes” extras on DVDs.  I don’t mind either, as long as you read my blog.  And love my music.  Really, tell me what you think of the song.  Please?

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