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Music writing is something I have done since I was a young girl who had to make her own manuscript paper with a ruler and pencil.  Now I use a computer program and hundreds of virtual instruments to shape the music in my head onto my screen and into MP3’s.  Most of the music I write is based on science-fiction and fantasy books.  But there are also variations of interesting popular music, as well as personal creations based on my imagination alone.  And, as an homage to my young days, there are a few variations on Christmas carols each year.  In time I hope to have enough to give anyone who visits the chance to find their perfect piece of music to make their own creations complete.

 If you want to get better acquainted with my music as well as my musical tastes, you can check out the following links:
Kathryn Davidson Music on YouTube
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Kathryn Davidson Music on SoundCloud



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