Nailed It!–Nail Polish Pot Painting

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Welcome to "Nailed It!": the article series where I find interesting crafter DIY ideas from the internet and try them out for you.  Then I judge it as either pass (Nailed It!) or fail (Screwed!).Today’s “Nailed It!” comes from the website Henry Happened Nail Polish Painting, an interesting blog by a former 9-to-5’er turned stay at home Mom with three children.  Her DIY’s are quite cute, matching the overall style of the site.  I happened on the one entitled “Nail Polish Marbled DIY Planters,” and thought I can do that too!  Hence, today’s “Nailed It!”  I read through the post, and there doesn’t seem to be that much to it. So I eagerly went to gather my supplies.*** WARNING!!! ***  I WILL be bashing nail polishes I purchased and hated. …
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Making a Mountain (Scrapbook Layout)

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While trying to come up with ideas for the Utah-based honeymoon album I a making for our recently married niece, I decided to look at pictures on the internet from scenic vistas throughout the state.  I saw one that was just perfectly framed, and it hit me.  it is layers of mountains... I bet I could make a page based on this picture.  The original picture if found at the Bess Realty Group website, believe it or not. First thing's first.  I collected cardstock from my collection that matched well enough to make the layered colors.  For the sky background and farthest mountains, I used cardstock with white centers, so I could sand them (as I will show a little later).  The rest was from my beloved Bazzill cardstock collection. …
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Creative Blogs I Highly Recommend

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This is by absolutely no means the whole list of blogs I love.  I have perused blogs on and off for years, my favorites waxing and waning with my cyclical favorite hobbies.  But these, not only are current, but have the style and content to keep me coming back for recent and archived information.  It should be noted that because they are all hobby blogs, they all have shops.  Some link the stuff in their shops to items they use in blog posts.  Some are outright sponsored by companies and that is all they shill.  Still others have their own business, and the blog is a natural outlet for selling what they do.  All of this is par for the course in hobbies, and never bothers me.  If I can…
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