Most Extreme Restoration Challenge! Unicorn

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My husband and I were opening windows on our second floor because the air conditioner had gone out, when we found how badly this unicorn suncatcher had faded just hanging in a window.  As he really likes this one, I told him I could restore it for him.  Mind you, I wasn’t totally sure, but I hate to see him upset.  Fortunately, I used to do a lot of faux stained glass painting years ago, and I figured I could do that.  Almost immediately I thought of one of my favorite faux sports tv shows for the title of this one…Most Extreme Elimination Challenge!   [youtube][/youtube]   The first few steps were obvious: I had to remove the old paint and clean the glass.  The moment I started, the black…
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Nailed It! Sharpie Tie-Dying

DIY, Nailed it
  Welcome to "Nailed It!": the article series where I find interesting crafter DIY ideas from the internet and try them out for you.  Then I judge it as either pass (Nailed It!) or fail (Screwed!).           Today’s “Nailed It!” comes from YouTube.  It was recommended to me by the website.  Now they are usually ridiculously off with what they think I like, but this time they got it right.  I am hopelessly addicted to Sharpie markers, and have a fine and ultra fine marker for each and every color they make.  Well, this DIY suggests that Sharpie markers, because of their hydrophobic tendencies, are able to give tie-dye like qualities by replacing the water with simple rubbing alcohol.    [youtube][/youtube] Just a quick look at…
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Nailed It!–Nail Polish Pot Painting

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Welcome to "Nailed It!": the article series where I find interesting crafter DIY ideas from the internet and try them out for you.  Then I judge it as either pass (Nailed It!) or fail (Screwed!).Today’s “Nailed It!” comes from the website Henry Happened Nail Polish Painting, an interesting blog by a former 9-to-5’er turned stay at home Mom with three children.  Her DIY’s are quite cute, matching the overall style of the site.  I happened on the one entitled “Nail Polish Marbled DIY Planters,” and thought I can do that too!  Hence, today’s “Nailed It!”  I read through the post, and there doesn’t seem to be that much to it. So I eagerly went to gather my supplies.*** WARNING!!! ***  I WILL be bashing nail polishes I purchased and hated. …
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Nailed It! DIY Horns

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Today’s Nailed It! comes from YouTube. This awesome idea with Cosplay potential is by KlairedeLysdotcom, and if you visit her YouTube channel you will be impressed with the beauty of her makeup tutorials and high quality of her photography.  This video has been on my to-do list for a long time, because if I could unlock how to make realistic horns that wouldn’t cause massive headaches when attached to a headband, my business would really start to take off during convention season.  So, I decided to take this on with my camera in my hand to see if it is as easy as Klaire makes it look. [youtube][/youtube]     First off, I had to gather the materials.  On the video, Klaire mentions that she uses “Play-doh” to make the horn…
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Nailed It! DIY Lace Masks

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Welcome to my new blog series, where I will try supposedly simple, pretty, and fun DIY tutorials across the internet.  I will show you -  the reader – the fruits of my efforts, and will let you know if they are as they seem to be. My first installment is a DIY that I have been wanting to do for a while now: Lace masks.         These appear to be lightweight – many are attached with mascara glue or other, skin-friendly adhesives – can be customized in many ways, and come in any color you can get your hands on.  After perusing many websites that list this as a DIY, I found the following website: The author has a template on this page that I am…
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