Quick Recipe – Black Forest Trifle

Baking, One hour
Hey there!  Time again for an easy and awesome dessert recipe.  This one is made even cooler by the mouth-watering name: black forest trifle.  For those of you that aren’t quite sure what a trifle is, it is basically a layered mix of cake, pudding or pastry crème, and usually fruit.  Of course, this is a very loose definition, because the only fruit in this recipe are cherry preserves and a maraschino cherry on top.  In the near future I will teach you how confusing trifles are with its two nearly identical sisters: fools and parfaits. Back to it, though.  We will be cheating a LOT in this recipe, but I promise it is easy and superb.  First, gather the ingredients.  For this hour you will be quite busy (looking). …
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Quick Recipes –Tarte Tatin

Baking, One hour, Pastry Making
So I am a baking fan.  And yes, I can make my own pastry doughs, crèmes, fondant, crusts, ganaches, and all that rot.  But I know that most of these take more time than I have to spend in an evening.  So, I have decided to find recipes for pastries that can be done in about an hour, like my eye glasses.  First up on the chopping block: Tarte tatins. A tarte tatin is a French pastry.  It is basically an upside down tart, normally with apples, where the “bottom” is caramelized sugar and butter, then sliced fruit, then pastry on top.  It is served with cream, and is best served warm enough to melt the cream on contact.  It is a lovely treat with very few ingredients, so I…
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