Nailed It! Sharpie Tie-Dying

DIY, Nailed it
  Welcome to "Nailed It!": the article series where I find interesting crafter DIY ideas from the internet and try them out for you.  Then I judge it as either pass (Nailed It!) or fail (Screwed!).           Today’s “Nailed It!” comes from YouTube.  It was recommended to me by the website.  Now they are usually ridiculously off with what they think I like, but this time they got it right.  I am hopelessly addicted to Sharpie markers, and have a fine and ultra fine marker for each and every color they make.  Well, this DIY suggests that Sharpie markers, because of their hydrophobic tendencies, are able to give tie-dye like qualities by replacing the water with simple rubbing alcohol.    [youtube][/youtube] Just a quick look at…
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